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About Us

Marketing...with BALLS!

2oddballs Creative is a collective of individuals who are at the top of their game within their respective skill sets and share the same core values.

We oddballs believe in treating clients' businesses with the same care and attention to detail as we would our own.
Get to know our oddballs, how we do business, and what makes us tick.

Business Basics

We do business a little differently than everyone else, if you haven’t noticed.
Our values weren’t made up, printed out, and stuck on a break room cork board no one looks at. They’re things we care deeply about.
See how the way we handle our business translates to better results for you.

The Oddly skilled

Talent you can trust

In an age where the words “expert” and “experienced” have lost their impact, who can you trust?
The ones who can prove it.
Sure, we can brag on our years of experience too (most of us have a decade plus in our respective fields) but just because you’ve done something for a long time doesn’t mean you’ve done it well.
So, here’s our roster, what they bring to the table, and a link to our work.


All of us at 2oddballs Creative believe a big part of what makes a healthy and thriving community is responsible business practices such as providing a helping hand to the nonprofit organizations working to make your area a better place to live.


Oddballs: Talent You Can Trust


Kylie Textor Cassady
Co-Founder / Project Management

Hailing from Strafford, Mo., Kylie comes from a family of businessmen and women. She attended the college of business at Missouri State University and graduated with a degree in Advertising and Promotion. Her true skills lie in managing projects and people. She’s the glue that holds this ship together. With over a decade’s worth of experience in restaurant and hospitality, no one knows how to juggle customers, costs, tasks, time, and teams like Kylie – it’s in her blood! 

As one of the founding 2oddballs, Kylie has had her hands on nearly every aspect of the business, from accounts to accounting. On any given day you might find her creating posts for clients’ social media, designing graphics or whole websites, or her primary duty as of late – managing project workflows.

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Gabriel Cassady
Co-Founder / Account Executive

The social tie that binds this Odd little band. Gabriel is originally from Joplin, Mo. but now lives in Springfield with wife and Co-Owner Kylie. Holding a degree in Public Relations with a minor in Journalism from Missouri State University, Gabriel’s professional background has taken him all over the Missouri map. 

From his first job at a TV station in Joplin, to a brief stint in radio in Sedalia early in his college career, through college where Gabriel DJed weddings and events (where – and when – he met Gary).  After graduating MSU, Gabriel was a freelancer. He managed social media and worked as a graphic designer in myriad industries including real estate, restaurant, hospitality, as well as a communication internship with the Nixa Public School system administration (where he first worked with Derek). 

Gabriel’s last “real job” was as a Marketing Specialist for West Plain Vet Supply (WPVS) where he met Amy Smith.

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Amy Smith
Graphic Design / Website Development

Currently working as an oddball doing website design and optimization as well as graphic design!

Formerly an art director/lead graphic designer and marketing guru for over three years at West Plains Veterinary Supply. Amy’s main focus was business to business marketing although she also was responsible for organizing and running two annual trade shows. She actually tripled sponsorship dollars and the monetary amount for giveaways!

Her marketing experience started as an intern to a junior designer for Springfield’s Modern Crayon design. She mostly designed t-shirts, product photography, and helped coordinate photoshoots. She also had a hand in the SEO for Modern Crayon’s website. Those are just her marketing-related jobs, however. She also spent some time as an administrative assistant.

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Derek Dueker
SEO / Content Creation

Derek’s our Search Engine Optimization and Content Director. That means if your project needs words, it’ll probably cross Derek’s desk. 

Before coming to 2oddballs, he held the same position at Secure Agent Marketing which he helped start from scratch before it started managing millions of dollars in marketing budget for insurance companies of which you’ve likely heard.

He has a lengthy background in journalism and was voted Sportswriter of the Year for Gatehouse Media in 2014. He also owns 11 Missouri Press and Associated Press awards for his writing and sports photography.

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Gary Bedell
Digital Art / Design Specialist

Short of being born with pencil in hand, Artist Gary Bedell has spent the majority of his life engineering worlds with boundless imagination. 

With nearly two decade’s worth of professional experience, Gary has collaborated with commercial leviathans such as General Mills, Nickelodeon, Disney, Fantasy Flight Games and ActiVision. 

He has also teamed up with numerous independent artists, and has been featured the in prestigious I Am 8bit Gallery in Los Angeles. His digital illustrations have been showcased in major publications, including Cereal Geek Magazine, Advanced Photoshop Magazine and Realtor Magazine.  

Gary’s vivid and unmistakable originality will inject life into your logos, social media graphics, and print design. He can also help set your business apart by adding animation to any of your marketing content.

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The Artistic Proof

Our Story: The road less traveled

We believe that taking the road less traveled is a good thing. From 2016 to 2018 Kylie and Gabriel traveled and worked their way to the far reaches of the globe, living in Taiwan and Ecuador. They started running 2oddballs remotely, but as the business grew, they saw the need to move back to the USA. There’s no place like home!

Running 2oddballs from their office in Springfield, MO, their vision is to build a socially responsible, employee-responsive and client-centered business not limited by buildings or borders.
Their vision is to build a business allowing their employees and themselves the freedom to explore the world as they once did. While most of our clients are here in the Ozarks, we do have clients in Alaska, Canada, and North Carolina. Our employees are free to work from home, and we emphasize the quality and completion of work over where and when the work is done. We find this model and attitude not only cost efficient, but morale-boosting as well.

2oddballs is more than just goofy jokes and marketing. We’re part of a new generation of companies who strives to help build a better world one employee, one client, one business transaction at a time.