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Services we offer:

#1 | Branding & Design

You know your brand needs an eye-catching design. However, did you know branding and design go much deeper than that?
The style and voice you choose needs to:
  • Communicate the personality of your company
  • Be consistent across all platforms
  • Identifiable and memorable
If there’s something 2oddballs is known for, it’s our own creative brand and messaging. While we don’t have to go as “far out” there for your business, we will certainly make it recognizable.

What our oddballs can do:

Brand Strategy and Consulting

Need help coming up with a brand and design? We’ve got you. Already have one but maybe it needs tweaked or you’re worried it isn’t resonating with your audience? Let us take a look. We’ll come up with a plan together.

Graphic Design

Sure, we can make you a killer logo. But graphic design is so much more! All of your marketing materials need to look good and contain consistent messaging to convert those looky-loos into customers.


Video is far and away the most consumed media in today’s world. If you want people to stop and pay attention to your brand on social media or elsewhere, video is the best way to accomplish that feat.


Alright, everyone! It’s time to line up for company pictures! Just kidding. We’ll take high-quality and compelling photos of your events, products, and more to promote your business. We can perform professional drone videography as well for those of you wanting a bird’s eye view.


Don’t be the one with a typo or poor choice of words on your website, social media, or promotional materials. Let’s craft some copy that makes your readers smile, laugh, cry…all at the same time? Maybe not…