Downloadable Sales Sheet And Best Practices

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Downloadable sales sheet and best practices

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A perfect sales sheet does a lot of the selling for you. 

It should contain the most important information about your product or service your customer needs in order to make a purchasing decision. 

Think of it like a targeted advertisement but in paper form. 

However, there are some best practices for sales sheets that turn prospective buyers into clients and keep them out of waste baskets. 

Sales sheets should be simple and clean

From the design to the copy, your sales sheet should be straightforward, to-the-point, and look like your brand

Include your business’ name and logo, incorporate your brand colors, and make it look pretty. However, you want to make sure the message is coming through loud and clear: “I’m selling this, here’s why, and here’s how to buy it.”

Don’t try to cram too much onto the page. Give the most important details and move on. 

Include high-quality pictures

You’re trying to grab the attention of the prospect. A text-only sales sheet is boring and easily forgotten. 

Make sure you have compelling photography of your product or service — in action, if possible. More than half of prospects want to see how a product works within their first sales pitch.

Oh, and make sure this thing is in color.

Your copy needs to be concise but pack a punch

Since you’re trying to keep the word count down to keep from overwhelming the reader, you’re going to need to make the most of what sentences you have. 

That means you need killer copywriting that is persuasive. 

What’s the major pain point for this audience? Is your product or service cheaper? Better? Do you or the product perform something they can’t get anywhere else? Include that. 

All you need to say is, “Here’s the product. Here’s what it does. Here’s why you should buy it from me.”

Where’s the proof?

You need to back up your claims. 

If you have any data, awards, expert reviews, or just some client/customer testimonials, include the best ones on your sales sheet. 

Don’t go bananas, remember we’re trying to keep it uncluttered, but stick your chest out a little bit. You want the reader to know you aren’t blowing smoke.

One report said that 72% of respondents said they wouldn’t take any action until they saw some reviews. 

Don’t forget to ask them to buy 

At the bottom of the sales sheet, include a strong call-to-action and point them in the right direction. 

Do they need to call to buy? Email? Do you have a landing page for what you’re selling? Tell them what you want them to do next.

If they need to call you to buy, make sure it’s a direct line to you. Don’t give the prospect too many steps to complete or a good percentage of them won’t complete the buying process.

Download our sales sheet template

Don’t have the time to start a sales sheet from scratch? We’ve got a FREE, editable template you can download (Microsoft Word or edit in Google Docs) and make yours! All you have to do is fill out the short form, and submit your info to get it. 

Of course, if you prefer a custom sales sheet that is expertly designed, you’re welcome to give us a call at 417-986-6332. 

Otherwise, enjoy your free template and happy selling!

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