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  • Professional Copywriting
    Why pay for a web designer or web builder if you have to do all the work yourself anyway? Your new website build includes professional copywriting crafted by our in-house copywriter who has years of experience.
  • Custom Graphic Design
    Your business isn't off-the-shelf, your brand isn't a template, you take time and care to differentiate yourself from your competitors in every way, so you want a unique, customized website that will help you stand out from the crowd visually - immediately. As we say: #beOdd stand out!
  • Branding Consultation
    When you hire the 2oddballs Creative team, you get more than just an experienced team of website designers, you also get a crack team of marketing experts with years of experience in the fields of public relations and advertising, b2b and b2c marketing.
  • Site Optimizations
    Optimized for all screen sizes with meticulous detail so your site looks sharp on iphone, Android, Surface Pro, iPads and whatever else they invent tomorrow. And don't forget initial search engine optimizations. We'll ensure your site is set up in the most Google-friendly way (does not include ongoing SEO).

Example Sites:

How many regular "static" pages do you anticipate needing? Consider other websites in your industry and other websites in general (examples: About, Services, Home, Contact, etc.)
Static Pages (Home, About, Services, Partners, Contact, Etc.)*
What is this?
Will you need any of the following features?
What is this?
Simple contact forms (name, email, phone, message, etc. - VERY simple)
What is this?
Advanced forms (job apps, email list sign ups, etc.)
What is this?
Simple eCommerce (traditional online retail, under 100k SKUs)
What is this?
Advanced eCommerce (100+ SKUs, wholesale capability, or other unique needs not specified)
What is this?
Product/Service pricing or quantity calculator
What is this?
Video Backgrounds
What is this?
Mega menus (like on Amazon)
What is this?
Simple integrations (linking to 3rd party apps/software, simple embedding, etc)
What is this?
Advanced Integration (APIs, complex 3rd party booking or ecomm, or special CRM integrations, etc.)
What is this?
Custom online booking, appointment setting or equipment rentals
What is this?
Online listings for property or hotel rentals
What is this?
Custom MLS (Real Estate) listings
What is this?
Project gallery or portfolio with discrete pages for each listing
What is this?
Additional Services
Will you need any of the following done for you?
Drone Videography/Photography
Site Upkeep
The following questions relate to ongoing website updates, tech maintenance, content management, etc.
Consider the text, images and other such information you'll want on the site when it goes live. How often do you think that will change - i.e. need updating, need added to, etc? *
After the site is launched, how will the site stay up to date (this includes not only the content people see but also security updates, backups, site software updates, and other technical maintenance.)*
Do you anticipate getting more than 100,000k visitors per month (3,000 per day) to your site within the first year? *
Most small to medium sized businesses of 50 or less employees do not have this level of traffic. Unless you are aware that you have "enterprise" level hosting needs, chances are you can put "No" here.
Est. Grand Totals
NOTE: these are rough estimates to give you some ballpark numbers. For a detailed estimate breakdown or finalized quote, please select from the options below or contact us by phone at 417-986-6332 or by email at
Flat Fee Est. Minimum
Flat Fee Est. Maximum
Monthly Recurring Fees Est. Minimum
Monthly Recurring Fees Est. Maximum
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