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#3 | Public Relations

In today’s modern media environment, it pays to have a public relations expert on your side who knows how to share your brand’s story with the public accurately and truthfully. Social media, traditional media and even events – there are many ways to tell your story these days.

How 2oddballs does public relations

PR and media relations doesn’t always have to be because of a crisis (although we can do that too). It’s also for generating publicity and promoting a business. We have several ways we can deliver your message to the public and media.

Media Relations

An integral part of PR is working with the media and developing a mutually beneficial relationship with the journalists to get the word out about your business, respond to a story about your business, or promote your products/services/event. Through media relations, we can reach a large audience without much cost.

Event Coordination and Promotion

Putting together a promotional event to increase brand awareness can be incredibly powerful. Our team of oddballs will work to help set up and promote your event.

Community Relations

By putting together an ongoing community relations initiative you can make it known to the public you care about the area in which you operate. Not only will it increase support and loyalty from the community but it’s proven to have the same effect with your employees as well as raise morale.

Crisis Communication

How your business responds to a crisis is going to have a profound effect on how the community around you will view your business for the rest of its existence. Having a team of experienced public relations practitioners is paramount in these times if you want your business to survive. Backed by research as well as past experiences with other clients, our oddballs team will be incredibly useful should your business suffer a crisis.

We're excited to tell your story

In the end, that’s what public relations is — getting your story out to the community. 2oddballs has a team of public relations, promotions, and journalism professionals who can help deliver your business’ message to the masses.

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