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People don’t buy from lifeless buildings, vehicles and equipment.

People don’t buy from businesses.

We Buy From Other People

Brand Strategy Consultation

You want your brand to represent you and the mission, vision and values you bring to the business. You want a brand that feels alive and human. Most importantly, you want a brand people will remember, trust and tell a friend about!
Whether you are starting a new business or you need to change up some things in your current one, we’ve got the cure for what ails you.
We can build your marketing and communication strategy on a solid foundation of well-thought-out branding.
Through our consultation services, we can help you avoid the common, costly mistakes many businesses make when building a brand.
Tasks 2oddballs can complete through brand strategy consultation:
  • Market research – including things like social listening, competitive analysis, keyword research, surveys and focus groups.
  • Business naming and domain/URL selection
  • Designing logos and other brand assets
  • Developing a brand style guide – including your fonts, colors, logo and how it should and shouldn’t be used, etc.
  • Developing brand style, tone and personality

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As you can see, there’s a lot of thought and effort put into creating a brand that will connect with your intended audience.

With new media and digital marketing, the average person will see 6,000 to 10,000 ads per day. And there’s a good chance there’s more than a few businesses in your area performing the same service or selling the same thing you are.
So, how are you going to stand out? Why should people choose you?
What makes you…odd?
With all the marketing tools we have at our disposal today, people are still people. Folks are going to choose the brand they know, trust, and like. If you don’t put in the work to build that kind of relationship with your prospective customers, you might as well take your ad dollars and Pay-Per-Click them right down the toilet.

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