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 Crisis Communication

Even honest and careful businesses can suffer incidents in which they need crisis communication.  We’re all human and humans make mistakes.

However, not being prepared can turn a small problem into a large one in the court of public opinion.  Let’s work together to build a plan to make sure an honest mistake doesn’t undo the years you put into building your reputation.

How to prepare for crisis communication

Failing to have an action plan if things go sideways is a recipe for disaster.  It’s important to be prepared because being slow to respond in times of crisis is not a good look.

That's why 2oddballs puts together:

Take steps to ensure your business is prepared.

What to do when a crisis occurs

Through multiple avenues, 2oddballs will release statements on behalf of your business and communicate to the media and public how you plan to rectify the situation and move forward. 

Then, we will activate our action plan to solve and put the crisis situation behind us until you regain the trust of your business’ target groups and any partner organizations you may have.

If you’re already going through a crisis, reach out to us as soon as possible so we can get to work immediately. Again, time is of the essence here.

Public Relations Crisis Communication By 2Oddballs Creative

Be proactive with crisis communications from 2oddballs

You don’t want to be caught in a crisis situation without a plan in place. It’s a stressful time and one ill-worded statement, Facebook post, etc. will cause more backlash. Silence will too.  We know it’s not fun thinking about this stuff, but 2oddballs can make it easy for you.  Our team has experience in this form of PR and dealing with the press.

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