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The goal for media relations is to get your company’s newsworthy message out to the community through media outlets. Notice we used the word newsworthy.  This can’t be something like, “We’re offering $1 off coupons for our tacos!”  While that is amazing and we’re all for it, it is not newsworthy. 
If you’re in need of a media relations team, we’ve got a team of oddballs with both journalism and media relations experience ready to get your news out there.

When do I need a media relations team?

This goes back to having something newsworthy.
What will the media consider covering?
Media Relations By 2Oddballs In Springfield Mo
Let us help you stand out amongst the chaos
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There are seven things that make up whether journalists find something worthy of doing a story on:

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    It has to be something happening very recent, now, or in the future otherwise it’s old news.
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    How many people will this news affect? The more people it impacts, the more newsworthy it is.
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    Stories happening closer to home matter more to the local media than ones further away.
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    When a story involves well-known people and businesses it is more likely to be picked up by the media.
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    If your message involves topics that are trendy at the moment, it becomes more likely to catch a reporter’s eye.
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    Our favorite one! Seriously though, if what you are pitching happens to be out-of-the-ordinary, journalists now it’s going to garner a lot more clicks and views. So, they’re more apt to run it.
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    If your story has opposing forces involved or disagreement, it has more value to journalists.

Now, your story doesn’t have to contain all of these things. However, the more it does the more likely it is to get picked up by the media.

Let us handle the journalists

We know how to present the information so your story is more likely to be picked up by the local news outlets. How? Some of us at 2oddballs are former journalists and some are media relations experts who have had success in getting press for other businesses in the Springfield, Missouri area. Shoot us a message or give us a call and we can discuss a plan to get your business some coverage.

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