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Is it really that important to have a social media management team?

Of course, you know that we’ll say yes, but that’s because the numbers don’t lie.
Just a few years ago Forbes reported that social media platforms were the number one driver of website traffic. Social media referred 31% of all website traffic in 2014. However, capitalizing on this traffic is not as easy as just posting a few pictures of your food (please, stop doing that) and watching the followers and likes come marching in.

Social Media Management requires strategy

To see any results with your social media posts, you need to know who your followers are.

You can use any number of tools to run a demographic search on your website if you’ve got traffic coming to it to see who is looking at your products (ideally you’d have Google Analytics set up).

Once you know who you’re talking to, you can start serving up content that you think they’d enjoy and find useful. You don’t want to sell to them constantly or you’ll turn them off. 

Then, keep doing this consistently. This is important. To grow your social presence you have to post on a consistent schedule or you will not see results.

How 2oddballs social management works

You have to be careful with some social media managers out there. They promise to get you thousands of new followers or likes and, sure enough, you see a bunch of them start rolling in like magic.

Unfortunately, those are fake profiles that do not engage in your content. Why does that matter?
Because social platforms pay attention to user engagement and push less-engaged content down people’s social feeds resulting in less impressions and even less engagement.

That can be incredibly difficult to recover from.

Lucky for you, we do things the old-fashioned way.

We make sure your social profiles stay up to date with original and curated multimedia content, including video, images, articles, etc. In addition, we engage with fans and customers on posts, in messages and on reviews, including responding to negative reviews and comments. So, there’s no follow trains (think like a conga line, but digitally and no dancing), no bots, or any other hocus pocus. Just a bunch of researching and posting. May take more time to build a following, but it’ll be better, we promise.


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