Start An Online Store Before Another COVID Shutdown

Start an online store before another COVID shutdown

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If the last shutdown from the coronavirus taught us anything, it’s that too many businesses rely solely on foot traffic for sales.

Over 700 companies sought protection from bankruptcy in May. A lot of big names failed during the last shutdown.

It goes to show: If you cannot serve your customers without an in-person interaction, you’re going to struggle mightily should something close your store for an indefinite amount of time.

During the last shutdown in Missouri, we had several clients pivot to serving their clients in other ways including starting an online store.

Starting an online store

By setting up an online shop, you are not only giving yourself a better chance to survive another coronavirus shutdown should one happen (which no one seems to know if we should expect or not) but providing your business new ways to grow.

I know some of you want to drag your feet and think this will be too much of a hassle, but hear me out.

By either building a new site with e-commerce integrated or adding it to an existing one you can:

  • Break your geographical limitations, if you choose to ship products
  • Reach lots of new customers through search engine optimization
  • Gain access to cheaper advertising options through social media or Google Ads
  • Be “open” 24 hours as customers can visit your website at any time

Even if you decide not to ship your products, you can offer your customers curbside pickup depending on your state’s restrictions.

So, see? Doesn’t saving your business and gaining all the above sound worth it?

That’s better.

How much does it cost to set up an online store?

Because we don’t know how many products or pages your website is going to have, price will vary greatly. However, we make it super easy to understand when you provide us with the idea you have in mind.

We will take the time to talk through everything you need, answer every question you have, and make sure we are all on the same page.

Our team will never try to sell you anything you don’t need.

To get one of our oddballs on the horn about starting an online store, all you have to do is fill out our form on this page or give us a call at 417-986-6332.

Got Questions? Need Help?

Leave us a message. We don’t do high pressure pestering. Yeah, odd right? 

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