Is Your Digital Marketing Agency Providing Honest Value? 12 Things You Should Expect.

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Is Your Digital Marketing Agency Providing Honest Value? 12 things you should Expect.

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Digital Marketing in today’s business world is critical now more than over. It’s critical that you’re conducting your marketing in a way that speaks to your consumers the right way. As a business owner or even just a key decision maker, one of your most important decisions will be trusting the right digital marketing agency with your business needs. Here’s what you should expect from your digital marketing agency.


The digital marketers that you choose should practice their business with the utmost integrity. This is a reflection of their team as individuals as well as an organization. You need to know you can have confidence that the company will have honest intentions and provide you with honest work.


Transparent digital marketers don’t leave you in the dark-it’s that simple. You know how much you’re paying for their services, how it’s being used, you’re seeing their services going into play, and you’re getting reporting of the results. If you’re not getting reporting, it’s time to ask questions, because they may be withholding something. No excuses for lack of transparency in this digital age. It’s also important to stay in touch with stakeholders at large. A strong, true-to-brand social media presence is crucial.


In an age where the words “expert” and “experienced” have lost their impact, who can you trust? The ones who can prove it. Sure, marketers can brag on years of experience too, but just because you’ve done something for a long time doesn’t mean you’ve done it well. Choose digital marketers who have the portfolio and results that have made waves for their clients.


As technology evolves and AI intrudes new markets, so do new ways of promoting products and services. Be sure to select a digital marketing agency that stays on top of marketing industry trends and has the resources to implement them for your business. If you don’t, your competitors will be.

Expectations of services from your digital marketing agency

In addition to a strong value system and industry experience, what you receive from your digital marketing agency is just as important. Your digital marketing agency should provide you with the following when it comes to services:

Access & Communication 

Your digital marketers should be accessible and communicable. You should never have to hunt them down to ask them a question about your projects. The team should provide you with responses within 1-2 business days. Accessible also refers to access to your assets; this means that you should have passwords and access to your own website, Google Business accounts, social media, reporting software, etc. That way, if you want to log in to see what’s being done, you can do so. There’s not too many reasons they should not be sharing this information with you on your assets for your business.


You’re hiring a digital marketing agency for them to handle your marketing needs. It’s their job to research your business, your market, your needs and provide you with a solid marketing strategy that gets you in touch with your consumers. Your strategy should use tools and tactics that reach the right consumers in the most efficient way.


Consumers remember and value creative marketing and advertising efforts. Just like a clever Super Bowl commercial or a catchy paper towel slogan, you want your digital marketers to be creative, clever and talented so they can create memorable content on behalf of your business that your customers will enjoy, value and remember.

Research & Reporting 

Reporting in this digital age is automated and accessible. There’s no excuse for not receiving results on your marketing campaigns, accounts and other projects. If your digital marketing agency isn’t sharing reports and research with you, you need to ask them why. This is a basic requirement in marketing now and as a client, you need to be tracking the progress of your marketing efforts and ROI.

 What the process looks like with your digital marketing agency

 Discover & Understand 

This process may look a little different amongst digital marketing agencies, but ultimately the same goal is achieved. The discovery process includes learning about your business, gathering information from you pertinent for the services, and getting on the same page about the services you’re looking for.

 Build & Strategize 

Now is time for your digital marketers to build out a strategy for your business. They’ll bring back to the table recommended services, efforts, campaigns, accounts, etc. They should explain the value in the services, the plan to execute them and projected desired results.

 Execute & Launch 

It’s game time; this is time for your digital marketers to play. They might begin building out your website, begin design work on a creative project or even kickoff your other marketing efforts. You should be aware of what they’re launching at this point, and may even have to sign off on revisions and final creative assets.

 Analyze & Optimize 

Then they should monitor the reach, response, and other pertinent data to measure its success. Much of the time, tweaks are necessary to make for optimization and better results. This is to be expected. As a business owner, you should feel confident that your digital marketers suggest tweaks and revisions along the way, because it means they know what they’re doing, are monitoring your efforts and understand it’s okay to make changes to improve your results. Throughout your campaigns or efforts, they should be providing you with monthly reporting, too.

Choosing the right digital marketers for your business can be a difficult choice. Finding one that aligns with your business’ values and needs is important. Just like creating a connection with your customers is crucial, so is the relationship with your digital marketing agency.

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