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Why Excellent Website Design Is Important

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 Be excellent to your website and others will be excellent to your business.  

The world is digital now, which means no matter the age, your customers are online searching for your business. Just like your business front or your logo, your website design and functionality will make or break customer perception. It’s so important that your website design be excellent.

 An excellent, well-designed website will create a good impression on the user and your prospective customer. 

If a website is outdated, the user will more than likely feel as if you don’t care in your online presence and don’t value their experience. Companies that invest in their website show that they know their customers are looking at them online, they know it’s important for their website to work quickly and effectively, and overall, value the customer’s needs. An outdated, slow and unappealing website will turn a customer away from the page to look at another brand’s site that is better.

 Website design should be excellent because it could make or break your SEO strategy.  

When you regularly update and optimize your website content, it improves your search engine optimization. This helps your business show up in search engine results and rank higher in those search results. Gone are the days that users search past page one of Google. No one is mildly entertained or impressed by how many ‘o’s’ you see in Gooooooooooogle at the bottom of the page. If you’re not on the first page, or even in the top 5 or 10 search results, your customers won’t find you and you won’t get valuable leads who actually want to find your goods or services.

Competitors are making their website design excellent, and guaranteed your customers will be excellent to them, instead of you. 

Competitors will invest in website design, optimization and maintenance.  They’ll outrank you and therefore take customers.

So what does excellent website design look like? 

Excellent navigation means easy to find menu options. It means navigation that is fluid and makes sense. It also needs to attract, engage and delight as they walk through the customer journey.

Excellent responsive design means a website that works just as effectively on a desktop, a tablet or a phone. The majority of users are on their phone looking at your website, so it needs to be easy to navigate and read on the phone or different size screen.

Excellent brand consistency means your brand colors, fonts, logos, graphics, tone, and language are consistent throughout your website.

Excellent graphics, photography and copy means imagery that is purposeful, appealing, impactful and relevant to your messaging and go deeper than generic stock photos or clip art.

Excellent CTA buttons encourage conversions and nurturing the client as they aim to get more information from you.

Excellent page speeds mean that it takes less than 5 seconds for your website pages to load and appear. There’s no excuse these days for slow internet or websites. If your page or full site is taking too long to load, the user will assume it doesn’t work and lose interest.

 Is your company’s website excellent? 

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