Why Graphic Design Matters For Springfield Small Businesses

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Why graphic design matters for Springfield small businesses

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Is graphic design really something Springfield business owners should pay for? 

Yes, and here’s why. 

You may think anyone with Photoshop or some equivalent can do enough to get you by, but graphic design is more than just “looking good.” It actually can be a nudge in the direction of a purchasing decision. 

Whether that direction is positive or not depends on the quality of design. 

Here’s the proof we sought out.

Graphic design is the first impression

You’ve probably heard the old adage “the first impression is a lasting one.” And you only have a few seconds to make it a good one. 

The first thing anyone notices about your website, sales sheet, or the packaging of your product is how it looks. That’s because the human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than it processes text.

| Why Graphic Design Matters For Springfield Small Businesses | 2Oddballs Creative | Websites | Social Media | Graphic Design
And that’s just her deciding which toilet paper packaging looks coolest.

Even if your product is better than all the rest, poor graphic design on any of your marketing materials can cost you sales. 

In fact, nearly half of respondents in a Stanford survey said design was the biggest factor in how they decide a website is credible. 

Consistent design promotes brand awareness and trust

Keeping design consistent across all of your marketing assets is also a must. 

Not only will it help with brand recall, but if the viewer notices an inconsistency in style, it can cause them to lose trust in the messaging. 

| Why Graphic Design Matters For Springfield Small Businesses | 2Oddballs Creative | Websites | Social Media | Graphic Design
Someone owes this pug an apology.

A good graphic designer will create a style guide for your business that provides good color combinations, typography, and icon and full logos in several different colorways. 

Once created, anything you produce needs to follow the style guide. 

Designers also make sure these things match your brand. 

For example, 2oddballs prides itself on being creative and…well…odd! So, our design speaks to that. 

Could you imagine our design being used by a doctor? How comfortable would you be booking an appointment at a doctor’s office that had this style?

You’d at least think twice about it. 

Graphic design is what they remember

According to Brain Rules by John Medina, we are much better at remembering visual content than audio or text. 

He says if you hear a piece of information, three days later you’ll only remember 10% of it. If a picture is added, you’ll remember 65%.

| Why Graphic Design Matters For Springfield Small Businesses | 2Oddballs Creative | Websites | Social Media | Graphic Design
Not if it didn’t have good imagery.

Text is also inferior to visuals (I say as I’m typing this). 

That’s because of how inefficient reading is in comparison. 

Librarians and book lovers, please hold off on the angry emails. I enjoy reading. I swear. 

Bring in 2oddballs for your graphic design projects in Springfield, MO

Are you in need of posters or flyers, updated sales sheets, logos, or other graphic design projects? 

You can take a look at 2oddballs’ recently completed projects for Springfield, MO area businesses. 

We have also built or reworked several businesses’ entire brands. 

If you have questions about the process, cost, or anything else feel free to send us a message using the form below or you can call us at 417-986-6332.

Got Questions? Need Help?

Leave us a message. We don’t do high pressure pestering. Yeah, odd right? 

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