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If you want to be a respected and preferred business in your neighborhood (and if you want to keep up a neighborhood worth doing business in!), continuous community relations is a must. It’s a two-way street.

What a business brings to the city and the surrounding area is becoming more and more important to consumers and they are using that as a factor in their purchasing decisions.

Whether it is money or time that you put into the community, your work will benefit your business too. Plus, it just feels good to give back!

Community Relations Project For Goat Events

What do you have to allocate to community relations?

We understand that not all businesses can break out a checkbook and donate tons of money to local charities. But your business has more resources than money. 

Maybe it’s food, a large social media presence, services you can offer for free, or just manpower to volunteer. Think outside the box like an oddball!

Partnering with local nonprofits and other leaders

Creating partnerships with nonprofits in your area can be a great way to give back. Just carefully select who you team up with and consider their reputation in the community. Also, be sure what you are doing is sustainable for your business.

Public Relations Project For Marketing For Hope
Community Relations For Ozarks Inclusion Project Provided By 2Oddballs Creative

When your community needs you, be there

Make certain that when the community is hurting they can count on you to help pick them up. Be outspoken about community needs and ask around to see how you can help.

Put 2oddballs on your community relations team!

By tasking 2oddballs with your community relations efforts, we can take the research, organization, and promotion off your hands. We will research local causes and find an issue or cause that aligns with your company’s values and goals.  After that, we can help with strategizing and setting goals, organizing teams, and programming events. Those can be community events or press conferences.  To get the word out there about what you’re doing for the community, we will send press releases, launch awareness campaigns, or we can create public service announcement campaigns on behalf of your business.  The Springfield, Missouri and Southwest Missouri area has plenty of opportunities for you to give back.

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