Dazzling Microsoft AI-backed Search To Use GPT-3 (ChatGPT)

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Microsoft AI: How Microsoft Plans to Incorporate GPT-3 into their Bing search engine and Edge Browser and how you can use it.

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Search Engines get a Major Upgrade with new Microsoft AI-powered Bing Search and Microsoft AI-infused Edge Browser. GPT-3, the AI model that powers ChatGPT, is behind the new Microsoft AI move.

How can I use the new Microsoft AI Bing search?

If you’re looking for how you can use the new Microsoft AI-powered search engine, first go to bing.com/new, then follow the onscreen instructions. Unfortunately, for the time being, there is only a wait list, but right now, this is the best way you can get to the front of the line.

Is Microsoft AI the next best search engine?

Have you ever wished for a more efficient way of finding answers to your questions? Have you ever watched Star Wars or Iron Man and thought, “When can I have my own C-3PO or Jarvis?” Well, the future of search engines is about to get a major upgrade, and it’s all thanks to one of tech’s biggest contenders.

Microsoft recently announced plans to incorporate GPT-3, a “Generative Pretrained Transformer” developed by OpenAI, into its search engine. With GPT-3’s advanced “Natural Language Processing” NLP skills, Microsoft’s search engine will provide quick and relevant answers to users’ questions in plain language.

Does ChatGPT or GPT-3 Understand Language as good as a Human?

Joey From Friends Speaking Like Chatgpt Or Microsoft Ai Joke
Microsoft AI: Bleep bloop bleep? ChatGPT: Bleep Bleep Sacre BLOOP!

It’s key for folks using this technology to realize that, at this stage, machine learning models Like ChatGPT and the OpenAI tech behind the new Microsoft AI Search don’t “understand” the semantics, or meaning, of what is being written. ChatGPT breaks language down into “tokens” (sort of like syllables but for computers) and then they codify the tokens into numbers, which are then run through algorithms to produce probabilities.

But if Chat GPT and this new Microsoft AI don’t understand English and other languages, how do they work so well? If I say, “The man was walking his ___________” the probability of the next word being DOG or CAT is very high. But the probability of the next word being LOBSTER is comparatively low. So, language is probabilistic in that way. These AI models exploit that fact. That’s how it all works in very broad, overly-simplified brush strokes. 

Dazzling Genius: GPT-3’s Capabilities

The genius behind the Microsoft AI search and browser upgrade is from the same company and tech that gave us Chat GPT: GPT-3.

GPT-3’s vast knowledge base, trained on an endless supply of texts, articles, and websites, means that users will have a library of information at their fingertips. And, the technology can be fine-tuned for specific applications, providing users with a search engine tailored to their interests.

The Ultimate Search Experience

Get ready for a more efficient and enjoyable search experience, brought to you by Microsoft AI and GPT-3. Say goodbye to clunky search engines and hello to quick and relevant answers with a touch of human-like language.

So what? A Fancy Microsoft AI Search Engine. Why should I Care, Really?

If you’re skeptical about the creator of Edge Browser and Bing search engine coming from behind and overtaking the almighty Google, that’s understandable. Or maybe you’re not a tech person and you just don’t care? You don’t care about Google, why care about this? If you live in a mega metro area or on the coasts, you probably just gasped.

Meme Gif Why Should I Care About Microsoft Ai Bing Or Google? Gasp!
“Don’t care about AI and Google!?

Yes, ’round these parts (Springfield, Missouri i.e. Southwest Missouri) some people just don’t care about this stuff. A lot of our clients work in trades or commercial contracting and construction. Why should they care? That might seem like a fair question.

But imagine if you had said that about the internet in the 90s, which is something people said! Folks have downplayed (and overhyped) technology since the beginning of written history. People have pooh-poohed as well as doomsday-dumped every time transformative new technology comes around.

Could All This New AI Be Bad For Us?

The discussion of machine learning, AI and harm to society or to human individuals is complex. Fortunately, top AI researchers around the world, including OpenAI (the creators of ChatGPT), Google, and Microsoft executives have been researching what is typically called the “AI alignment problem” for some time now.

What is the AI alignment Problem?

The AI alignment problem refers to ensuring AI systems behave in ways aligned with human values. As AI becomes more powerful, there is concern it may make decisions harmful to humans. Solving the AI alignment problem is crucial in ensuring AI technology is beneficial to humanity.

Fortunately, top AI researchers around the world, including OpenAI (the creators of ChatGPT), Google, and Microsoft executives involved in developing Microsoft’s new AI-powered experiences have been researching the AI alignment problem for well over a decade, and they are only ramping up that research. In fact, if you have ever used ChatGPT, you know that it is “a research model”. Part of that research is AI alignment research.

What could go wrong with all this AI, machine learning, deep learning, etc.?

Terminator Funny Gif, Will Chatgpt , Gpt-3 And Microsoft Ai Destroy The World, No
I must create more paperclips!

Since Microsoft AI, OpenAI’s ChatGP, and Google’s various AI models are all most often experienced by adults as part of the business ecosystem, let’s start there.

Consider the business world. Applicant tracking systems used in hiring and other HR decisions are often highly automated systems. Increasingly, AI such as the tech Microsoft AI is built on, are being used to supplement those systems. If those software are carelessly trained, one could easily train a slew of human biases into such a system. The Microsoft AI department is all too familiar with this phenomena.

Our Take on New Microsoft AI

While we at 2oddballs Creative do believe that we must all think carefully and act cautiously when it comes to this new technology, there is incredible opportunity for us to make giant leaps forward as a society and as a species. We are passing through a time in human history equivalent in impact to that of the discovery of language. It’s an exciting time to be alive!

The future of search is here, and it’s pretty cool. With Microsoft’s incorporation of GPT-3, users can expect a more efficient, enjoyable and conversational way of finding answers to their questions. Get ready to “chat” with the future of search engines.

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