What Can A Marketing Agency Do For My Business?

What can a marketing agency do for my business?

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As a business owner, you may be wondering what can a marketing agency do for your business that you can’t do yourself. However, for those of you out there with a basic understanding of marketing – this is likely the wrong question to ask.

Business owners who don’t have a concrete understanding of marketing practices and theories can see the benefit of a marketing partner. However, those who do can feel like they’re pouring their profits down the drain hiring a marketing agency to do things they already know how to do. And if you do it yourself, it’s like free marketing right?

Actually, no.

What can a marketing agency do for your business? Reduce opportunity cost.

OK, so you understand basic marketing principles. Great! We love working with business owners who understand what we do. It doesn’t intimidate us because we don’t have anything to hide. Further, you likely understand that sometimes deciding if a marketing strategy has been successful isn’t always looking at how many sales it immediately produced compared to how much money you put in. Sure, there are snake oil salesmen in the marketing world, just like every other profession. Our bad apples just know how to run effective targeted ads so they’re more obvious.

However, when you’re able to find an honest, ethical marketing partner – even if you know how to do the tasks we’re accomplishing – you are reducing your opportunity cost.

Boiled down to it’s simplest equation in this instance: The time you spend on marketing tasks is time taken away from other aspects of your business. Then, the opportunity cost is the value you received from doing your own marketing subtracted from the value you would have received should you have hired a marketing agency and focused on the things you do best.

Further, because we spend all of our time on marketing tasks, we can often accomplish tasks more efficiently, oftentimes produce better results, and identify opportunities you may not even know exist! We’re also able to measure marketing performance and compare it to past results so we know earlier on whether or not our efforts are worth the money spent. If not, we can optimize the project and improve its ROI.

While we’re doing all of that, you are freed up to focus on the things you know best with less distractions offering you the ability to practice deep work.

So, as you can see, the answer to “What can a marketing agency do for my business?” isn’t simply a list of their services. Moreso, the answer is found by asking:

  • What can a marketing agency do for my business that I can’t?
  • What does this free me up to do?
  • Will this produce a better ROI (for both time and money)?
  • What is the opportunity cost if I try to do this marketing task on my own?

OK, but literally, what can a marketing agency do for my business?

Now that you have a better perspective and ability to measure effectiveness of a marketing agency, let’s take a look at what exactly we can do for your business at a macro level. We won’t be listing services here because you likely know those and, if not, there’s literally a tab containing all of our services.

Instead, this is what we’ll say:

  • We save you time
  • Fill your marketing knowledge gaps
  • We can scale your marketing strategies in a way you cannot
  • We give you access to advanced marketing tools
  • We provide marketing expertise derived from years of experience

Signs your business may be ready to partner with a marketing agency

If you notice yourself having these thoughts, you’re probably at a point your business could benefit from a partnership with a marketing agency:

  • Marketing work is oftentimes being put on the back burner
  • You’re not meeting your marketing goals
  • Your product/services are better/on-par with competition but they’re leaving you behind
  • Your marketing strategy is working to a degree, but you’re struggling to scale it
  • Your current marketing strategy isn’t working and you’re at a loss for what to do next
  • Your current marketing strategy is essentially throwing stuff at a wall and see what sticks because you don’t honestly know what you’re doing
  • Working on your marketing is taking away from other tasks and you feel like you’re falling behind

What can a marketing agency do for you?

What can a marketing agency do for you? Like, YOU specifically? Give us a call at 417-986-6332, email us at info@2oddballs.com, or fill out the form at the bottom of this article. Our initial conversation will not be a hard sell. We want to find out what your hurdles are, what your objective is, and just learn more about you and your business! The conversation is FREE, non decision-making, and is meant solely to answer any questions you have. We look forward to hearing from you!

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