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Why is everyone telling you to have a blog
on your website?
Why is everyone telling you to have a blog on your website?

Why is everyone telling you to have a blog on your website? Is it even worth the time for a business to be writing posts when there’s so much else they could be doing?

Depends.  Do you want more visitors to your site? Want more of those visitors to convert?

You should be blogging then.

No, some random post isn’t going to help out. But if you research some relevant topics people are talking about or searching for in your industry and come up with some articles surrounding those, you’ll see some results.


Blogging is crucial for search engine optimization

We develop high-quality, keyword-focused blogs that help increase your authority with search engines. Additionally, each blog post is another indexed page on those search engines, increasing the odds you show up when someone is searching for your products and services.

Posts are more likely to be shared on social

If you write truly helpful content that answers some questions people have about your industry, services, or products, people are likely to share your posts. That brings exposure to your business to hundreds of new potential consumers. 

Bonus: it’s additional content for your own social channel. Two birds, one stone!


It shows you are an expert in your industry

By writing helpful, relevant, and timely content surrounding your business’ niche, visitors to your site will view you as an expert in your field. That builds confidence and trust with consumers which increases the likelihood they’ll spend their money with you.

Blogging brings more leads to your business

An infographic published by TechClient states that businesses who blog generate 67% more leads than those who don’t. They also reported 82% of consumers said they enjoyed reading relevant content from brands.

Why you should have our oddballs write for you

Our team of oddballs are award-winning writers who are experienced in keyword-research and finding topics customers in your industry are interested in and actively searching for.

We don’t repurpose content and we keep it in your brand’s “voice.”

If you’re kicking around the idea of putting up a blog on your website submit a request through our site or give us a call and we’ll talk about it together.

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